Jo Kwon Speaks About Leaving JYP, Joining Cube, And 2AM’s Future

On January 10, Jo Kwon held a press conference for his single, “Lonely,” where he talked about leaving JYP Entertainment, 2AM’s future promotions, and more.

Regarding his single, the singer commented, “It’s an important and happy day for me. It’s still a bit awkward and emotional as I used to promote with the other 2AM members but now I promote alone.” Jo Kwon signed with Cube Entertainment last November, leaving JYP Entertainment after 16 years.

He talked about the transition from one agency to the other and stated, “As I moved from JYP to Cube, I did feel some pressure. However, I wanted to show music that would flow naturally.” Jo Kwon also mentioned the support from his new labelmates. He shared how thankful he was that BTOB and PENTAGON came to support him on the set of his music video, and how HyunA had even video called him to support him.

Jo Kwon also spoke about his former agency. He fondly recalled, “I joined JYP for 16 years after an audition program. Many people saw myself as a symbol of JYP. I feel like I’ve buried my bones at JYP and I am friendly with some of the directors there too. However, the easiest way to explain what I was thinking is the thought, ‘I stayed as much as I could.’ I thought I had done everything I could do while at JYP. Until now, it was such a thankful time but I also needed a turning point. After I got into my 30s, I wanted a new start.”

The singer also explained why he chose Cube Entertainment. He shared, “I did meet with other agencies. Last year, when I was 29 years old, I had to think about things the most. Maybe it was because I was about to head into another decade, but it was really difficult. It was an eventful year. And among all that, the president of Cube Entertainment, Hong Seung Sung contacted me. 2AM’s management is very unusual. In actuality, Cube’s first artist was 2AM. Afterwards, we even went to Big Hit Entertainment. So it wasn’t that important which agency I was signed with. Wherever I went, it was the same, and rather it was myself that was more important.”

Jo Kwon then talked about the realistic difficulties of 2AM promoting as a group but firmly stated that the group would not be disbanding. He explained that each of the members have conditions in their contracts with their respective agencies so that they can promote as 2AM. He shared, “We prepared an album but because of Im Seulong‘s mandatory military service, we found that we only had one week to promote. It felt too short so we decided to wait until next time.”

The singer shared further about the past year and said, “Being 29 years old was too hard. I started a business with Yoon Kye Sang, I took on new challenges, I caused many accidents, I transferred agencies, and more. I wanted last year to pass quickly, and so turning 30 years old feels like being born again.”

The singer also addressed his bright, energetic image. He commented, “Ever since I was born, I’ve heard that I was unique. With all the talent and energy I have, I don’t want to always be singing ballads throughout my career as a musician. I debuted in 2AM as a ballad idol group member, and I did my best. But as an individual, I feel I can do a lot more in other areas as well.”

Upon reaching his 10-year debut anniversary, Jo Kwon shared that his goal was to not be forgotten. He explained, “As a musician and as a celebrity, things are constantly changing. I could be subject to gossip and to misunderstandings. But I think of all the hard parts as a part of the job. I don’t want to be forgotten. I’m thankful that people are still recognizing me.”

The singer concluded by promising, “I’m going to do things that I want from now on.”

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