Update: Actor Lee Jung Jin And Former 9MUSES Member Euaerin Confirm Their Relationship


Another celebrity couple has been born!

Lee Jung Jin’s agency has stated that it’s true the actor is currently in a relationship with Euaerin, explaining, “We confirmed directly with him that they are in their seventh month of dating.”

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It appears that 2018 is the year of love!

Actor Lee Jung Jin is currently in a relationship with former 9MUSES Euaerin (Lee Hye Min) according to reports from January 11 KST. They reportedly have been dating since June 2017, and naturally developed feelings for each other after first meeting at a group outing. According to one source who saw their relationship develop, their mutual interest in each other allowed them to grow closer quickly before becoming an actual couple.

While they have a 10-year age difference, the two share many commonalities such as a love for sports, particularly golf. Just like any other couple, they enjoy finding tasty places to eat and are fond of simpler dates. A source reportedly shared that they are good support systems for each other amidst their busy schedules.

While Lee Jung Jin and Euaerin are best known for being an actor and a singer respectively, another commonality is that they both also got their start in the entertainment industry as models.

Lee Jung Jin’s agency has responded that they are currently checking with the actor, and will give an updated statement afterwards.

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