16 Memorable Things About SHINee That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

It’s been a difficult time for K-pop fans, and even more so for SHINee fans. The industry lost a talented soul, and it’s still so hard to believe and cope with. It’s especially during times like this that all K-pop fandoms should lean on each other for support and love.

To help bring support to those who need it, here’s a look at 16 SHINee moments that will not necessarily take the pain away, but will hopefully put a smile on your face (in no particular order).

1. SHINee’s appearance on “Hello Baby” with baby Yoo Geun

SHINee appeared on the second season of “Hello Baby” in 2010. The group had to take care of the adorable 4-year-old Yoo Geun while preparing meals for him and playing with him. SHINee was so effortless in taking care of Yoo Geun, and they all seemed to have a genuinely close bond with him. It was so sad to see the show end.

2. Their SM auditions

Look at how young and adorable they look!

Taemin’s audition:

Key’s audition

Onew’s audition:

Not Jonghyun’s audition, but this is him pre-debut:

Also not Minho’s audition, but here’s a pre-debut clip:

3. When they played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to avoid aegyo

After insisting that the group had to show their fans some aegyo, the hosts of “Weekly Idol” decided that it would be ok if they had only one of the SHINee members do it. The group decided on a match of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to see who the representative would be.

Skip to 1:40 to see who won the battle:

I love at how relieved the other members are that they don’t have to do aegyo. Side note: Onew’s rendition of the aegyo song goes on to be shown in several future episodes. Poor guy!

4. Their love for pets

Key with his two toy poodles:

Jonghyun and his dog, Roo:

Taemin and his 2 dogs:

Not his dog, but Minho is obviously friendly with them:

(From his drama “To The Beautiful You“)

5. Their group dinners

They always made an effort to get together during celebrations and milestones.

6. Charisma Minho’s “Dibidibidib rap”

Although he gets embarrassed doing it now, it never gets old!

7. Their A capella performance of “1 of 1”

The gracious cast of “Ask Us Anything” let the group perform their hit single, but without music (savages). Here they are, obviously killing it.

8. The funny faces

No shame.

9. How the song “Ring Ding Dong” came to be

Totally makes sense, right?

10. The savageness of the members acting like each other

Probably one of my favorite clips of the group. Their imitations are perfectly flawless.

11. The ADORABLENESS that is their baby pictures

Can you guess who’s who?

12. The members suffering at the hands of Taemin’s temper tantrum

I thought it was so cute how the other members were helping Taemin get a good signal so that he could see his former onscreen wife Na Eun performing during an episode of “We Got Married.” It was especially adorable seeing him throw a tantrum and the other members staying clear of him while he had a meltdown.

(Skip to 2:00 and click on the CC for captions)

13. Their “Random Play” on “Weekly Idol”

(Skip to 1:00)

And their most recent appearance:

13. Performing at the Tokyo Dome for the first time

Not only did they sell out this concert of 50,000 seats, but they were greeted with a touching gesture by the audience. It is a huge stepping stone for any K-pop group to perform here and it shows how hard they worked to get to this point.

14. Winning Artist of the Year at the 2013 Melon Music Awards

In 2013, SHINee finally got the recognition and reward they deserved when they won Best Artist at the Melon Music Awards. It was an emotional moment for them and even if you weren’t a Shawol, you couldn’t help but be proud of them. CRIES.

15. The members’ love for their maknae Taemin

The hyungs are always there to protect Taemin throughout his terrifying fear of bugs:

16. Their love for each other

SHINee has been relentless in stating that they are like family. They hardly ever fight because they all tell each other everything that they’re feeling. We appreciate them because of this and respect that they’re so genuine and close with each other.

Hey Soompiers, which of these SHINee moments is your ultimate fav? Let me know in the comments below.

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