Lee Sang Yoon Joins Lee Sung Kyung In New tvN Fantasy Romance Drama

Actor Lee Sang Yoon will be starring alongside Lee Sung Kyung in tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “About Time” (working title).

tvN’s new fantasy romance drama tells the story of a woman who has the ability to see people’s life expectancies as well as her own, and a man who is able to pause the countdown to the end of the woman’s life. The 2018 drama is set to portray sweetness, deep emotion, and lots of chemistry.

Lee Sung Kyung stars as Choi Michaela, a professional musical actress who has the unfortunate fate of being able to see a person’s lifespan. She accepts her fate and lives on, until she meets and tries to hold onto Lee Do Ha.

Lee Sang Yoon’s character Lee Do Ha is the chairman of a cultural foundation and is described to have perfect qualifications, a cold vibe, as well as a killer gaze. Do Ha is unaware of his ability, and ends up getting pestered by Michaela’s attempts to seduce, threaten, and even cutely obsess over him.

The production team stated, “With popular actors Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung joining the cast, it feels like the drama is already set. Please look forward to a magical love that will unfold between Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung.”

PD Kim Hyung Sik, who has directed dramas such as “Sign,” “Ghost,” “The Suspicious Housemaid,” “Secret Door,” and “Twenty Again,” will be heading the project. The drama “About Time” is set to air sometime in May of this year on tvN.

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