6 Things About VIXX That Only Starlights Understand

After their absolutely gorgeous performance at the 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, not many people can say that they haven’t heard of VIXX. Known for their musical-like concepts and their super heights, VIXX may seem a little intimidating at first – when really, they’re anything but! Want to get to know them more? Check out our list of six things only Starlights understand.

1. Leo’s nickname: “Crown Fairy”

Though these days Leo is much more extroverted (compared to the past, the Leo of today is EXTREMELY outgoing), back when he first debuted and until his days in VIXX LR, Leo was very introverted. Whenever he felt shy or embarrassed, he would cover his face and lower his head, revealing his glorious headcrown.

Leo X table is the OTP to end all OTPs.

That’s not the only nickname Leo has acquired over the years. Another famous one within the fandom is “Lesinset,” which is short for “Once you start caring for Leo, it’s game set.”

The video below will go more into both of his nicknames (starting from 3:51, but I totally recommend watching the full thing!).

2. The legendary gas station video

If there’s one video Starlights always goes back to, this is it. This was part of their “MTV Diary” series, and it is also one of the most meme-ed videos ever within the fandom.

3. N’s high school graduation picture

If we want to talk about a meme that’s not just within the fandom, but the whole country of Korea, this is it. While people may not know his name, many know this iconic picture.

Poor N

It’s also been meme-ed by his fellow members as well!

4. N’s height

N is subject to a lot of good-natured teasing from his fellow members, and one of their running gags is that N is super short. At 180 centimenters, N is definitely not short, but compared to the other giants of his group, he is technically the shortest. Check out a hilarious moment involving N and his insole below!

5. VIXX LR (the subunit) was a joke to Ravi?!

It all started with this interview:

Where Ravi refuses to pick who he wants to have a hip hop unit with, causing Leo to ask the iconic question:

From there, it went downhill into memedom in the fandom, compounded by the fact that VIXX LR didn’t have a comeback for a really long time. Of course, while Starlights never once really doubted(?) Ravi’s love for LR, their comeback with “Whisper” has helped to settle any nagging unbelief of what LR meant to Ravi.

6. The Jjajangmyun lips stage

Jjajangmyun is a noodle dish with a black bean sauce. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out why this stage was named this way.

Hey Soompiers! Did we miss any of your favorite VIXX fandom jokes? Let us know in the comments below!

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