BTS Wins Grand Prize At The 32nd Golden Disc Awards Day 2

BTS has taken home their first ever Golden Disc Awards Grand Prize (Daesang)!

On January 11, many of K-pop’s biggest stars in 2017 came together to celebrate the past year of music at the second day of the 32nd Golden Disc Awards. While the first day focused on digital music releases, the second day recognized achievements in the category of physical music releases.

After winning a Bonsang for their success in digital music in 2017 at day one of the ceremonies, BTS also received a Bonsang for their physical music releases at day two, along with 10 other artists.

BTS was then announced as the winner of the night’s Grand Prize. This is the first time that the group has won a Grand Prize at the Golden Disc Awards. Leader RM began the speech by saying, “ARMY! You’re watching, right? We really love you!”

The members took turns during their acceptance speech to thank everyone and express their love. They were sure to thank their fellow members, Bang Shi Hyuk, their agency staff, managers, their parents, and their fans ARMY.

Jimin thanked fans as he said, “More than anything, ARMY is always, always supporting and loving us, and I think that’s why we’ve been able to achieve this. So while I don’t know how far we’ll go, I think I want to always be together with you. Thank you so much. Starting from today, we’ll work hard to make great memories this year too. We’re always grateful.”

Jungkook took the opportunity to express his love to his mother, after being unable to fulfill his promise to say it at one of their concerts. J-Hope also commented, “Now that we’ve received this great award, the records and accomplishments we achieved in 2017 suddenly feel real.”

Watch BTS’s win below!