Jung Eun Ji Looks Back On “Untouchable” And Her First Prosecutor Role

With two weeks left until the finale of “Untouchable,” Apink’s Jung Eun Ji took the time to look back on the drama and her character Seo Yi Ra.

Seo Yi Ra was a rookie prosecutor that teamed up with Jin Goo‘s character to bring down his corrupted family. Despite she and her family getting into danger after she teams up with him, her character maintained her trademark positive attitude throughout.

“This was my first time taking on a character with a specialized job, so I was very nervous,” Jung Eun Ji said. “But once we started filming, they were scenes that I knew I could do, and I was able to become ‘Seo Yi Ra’ thanks to the help of Director Jo Nam Guk and my seniors.”

She was quick to praise her co-star Jin Kyung in particular. “Whenever I acted with Jin Kyung, I was very happy and learned a lot,” she said. “I loved the X Team as well. Even though there was a big age difference, the seniors treated me comfortably.”

When asked about the love her character felt for Jin Goo’s character, she said, “I think that at the beginning of the world, people were able to exist because love existed. Not just between men or women, but person to person, people can change a lot when they love and are loved.”

She added, “I’ve had one-sided crushes before but I’ve never had a dangerous love like Yi Ra.”

Jung Eun Ji concluded, “[Seo Yi Ra is] a sprout springing from the dust in the name of righteousness. Rather than being completely righteous, because she still has a long way to go, I hope that she can become a character that does great things in the future.”

With 4 episodes left in “Untouchable,” she said, “There are still a lot of plot twists left. Please keep watching until the end.”

Catch Jung Eun Ji in the latest episode of “Untouchable” below!

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