Yang Hyun Suk Announces iKON’s Comeback Date, Promises Track List

iKON has finally set a date for their long-awaited comeback!

After previously confirming that iKON would be making YG Entertainment’s first comeback of the year, Yang Hyun Suk went on to promise fans earlier this week that he would be taking their requests into consideration and doing his best to promote the group in Korea.

He also teased fans by posting cropped images of iKON’s comeback poster on Instagram, writing in the tags that the group’s comeback date was at the top of the poster—which he had conveniently cropped out.

On January 12, Yang Hyun Suk finally released the full teaser image, which included the official comeback date of January 25 at the top.

He wrote in the tags, “iKON,” “First up at bat for YG in 2018,” “Second Album: Return,” “January 25, 2018,” “Going all in on domestic promotions,” “Did our best to collect all requests by iKONICs [iKON’s fan club name],” and “Track list filled with happy news.”

In an earlier post from the same day, he also wrote, “Will start revealing [the track list] tomorrow.”

iKON previously shared a teaser film for their upcoming comeback.

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