g.o.d In Talks To Celebrate 20th Anniversary With New Album

Group g.o.d is currently in talks to release an album celebrating their 20th anniversary!

It was reported on January 12 that the members of g.o.d had recently gathered to celebrate the new year and talked about releasing a new album to mark the special milestone. A SidusHQ source stated, “Although it is true that g.o.d is currently in talks about a 20th anniversary album, specific details have not been decided yet.”

g.o.d made their debut on January 13, 1999 and have released timeless hits like “Dear Mother,” “Lies,” “One Candle,” and “Road.” The team had gone their separate ways following the departure of member Yoon Kye Sang but all five members got back together in 2014 to release an album celebrating their 15th anniversary.

The members are currently busy focusing on individual activities with Yoon Kye Sang continuing to build upon his acting career, Park Joon Hyun and Danny appearing on television shows, and Kim Tae Woo and Son Ho Young recently announcing a duet concert.

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