Wanna One’s Kang Daniel Shares A Unique Characteristic He’s Attracted To

The January 12 episode of MBC’s variety show “Insolent Housemates” showed Wanna One members Kang Daniel, Ong Sung Woo, and Kim Jae Hwan becoming roommates with comedian Yoon Jung Soo and Rose Motel’s Yook Joong Wan.

On this particular episode, the Wanna One members and Yoon Jung Soo excitedly guessed who their new housemates would be.

As soon as the Wanna One members appeared, Yoon Jung Soo and Yook Joong Wan cheered and playfully added, “Very important people have come.”

The Wanna One members, Yoon Jung Soo, and Yook Joong Wan then shared their conditions for living together. Yoon Jung Soo shared, “If you have long hair, you must tie it. Don’t do anything on your own in the house.”

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel stated, “Please catch the bugs.” Kang Daniel revealed with a laugh in an interview with the show’s staff, “I fall for people who catch bugs for me.”

Ong Sung Woo said, “I want to eat homemade food. I really love grilled beef short ribs [galbi], so I brought it myself,” while Kim Jae Hwan added that he wanted to play excitedly and have fun.

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