f(x)’s Amber Teases Henry After He Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed

On the January 12 episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” Henry showed off his close friendship with f(x)’s Amber once more.

In this episode, Henry went to the dentist, where underwent a painful surgery to remove his wisdom teeth. Not only did he have to do the surgery, but he also received a shot in his rear end. He complained, “My life is a mess.”

After the surgery, Henry’s jaw was quite swollen and he was unable to speak. He hilariously conducted the show’s first unspoken interview, as he communicated through paper and pen. When asked how he felt, he simply wrote, “It hurts.”

After he arrived home, he lay down in pain on his living room floor. He then (appropriately) listened to 2NE1’s “It Hurts” to console himself, making the MCs burst out in laughter. The MCs also commented how strange it was to watch Henry be so silent on broadcast.

Afterwards, Henry video called his friend Amber. Known for constantly video calling her at every time of the day, she appeared to be unfazed by his sudden inability to talk. She guessed, “You got your wisdom teeth out?” and he communicated with her through body language.

Amber joked, “This is great. I wish you [couldn’t talk like this] every day.” She then stated, “Sorry I can’t take care of you. Should I get you something later? Are you sure you’re okay?” to which Henry motioned that he was fine. She ended the call with a hilarious, “Don’t die.”

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