3 Memorable Lines And Scenes From Jo Jung Suk In “Two Cops”

Actor Jo Jung Suk has appeared on the small screen with his creative acting every Monday and Tuesday for MBC drama “Two Cops.” With the last few episodes coming up next week, many viewers will miss his two-character role as Cha Dong Tak and Gong Su Chan. Here are three memorable lines and scenes from the drama.

The first time he was possessed (Episode 3,4)

“You think that I went inside that detective’s body?!”

Investigating his colleague’s suspicious death, Cha Dong Tak (played by Jo Jung Suk) was in the middle of bringing in conman Gong Su Chang (played by Kim Seon Ho) as a suspect. However, after being attacked by a group of bikers, he ended up falling into a lake with Gong Su Chang. Jo Jung Suk then transformed from the detective into the detective possessed by the conman’s soul. His sudden change in personality scared the bikers away. Jo Jung Suk created a hilarious scene as his character didn’t believe that he was possessed and acted quite nonchalant.

A boiled egg that touched our hearts (Episode 17,18)

“You’re not going to arrange for the anniversary of your sister’s death?”

Cha Dong Tak’s determination to investigate made our jaws drop, as he infiltrated a prison to find the truth about a 16-year-old case. In order to get the truth out of Lee Doo Shik (played by Lee Jae Won), Gong Su Chang possessed Cha Dong Tak and asked this question, creating a touching scene. Although he pretended to not care, Cha Dong Tak was careful not to wound him further. Jo Jung Suk’s emotional acting peaks as he ate the boiled egg with a sad past.

Detective Cha runs for his brother and for justice (Episode 27,28)

“I will never stop. A man’s life depends on it.”

As Cha Dong Tak continued to reveal the truth behind the case from 16 years ago, his opponents became craftier as they plotted against him. One such case is when the black-helmeted man appeared once more and attacked him. These people continue to plan to get rid of the detective. With the quote above, Cha Dong Tak showed his determination to see his investigation through until the end.

The last four episodes of “Two Cops” will air next Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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