Watch: Henry And Kim Jong Min Get “Buff” For Pilot Variety Show

Kim Jong Min and Henry were daring enough to get naked(?) for SBS’s pilot variety show “Box Life.”

The clumsy yet lovable Kim Jong Min and goofy, unpredictable Henry star in the show, where they receive mysterious boxes and review the items contained inside. This week’s items were muscle suits. Muscle suits are trendy items for men these days, worn as an extra underlayer to boost confidence.

The two put on the muscle suits, which gave the appearance of showing a lot of skin. They appeared slightly embarrassed as they covered their lower extremities with towels.

After their initial embarrassment, however, they were quite pleased with how they looked and became engrossed with taking photos and writing reviews for the muscle suits. They enjoyed the suits so much that when Henry arranged a blind date for Kim Jong Min, he went on the date wearing the muscle suit.

Watch the full clip below!

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Thanks to Kim for the tip!