Yoon Yeo Jung Shares How She Wants To Respond To Malicious Comments

As a rising star of variety shows, actress Yoon Yeo Jung shared some of her experiences with malicious comments online.

In a recent interview, Yoon Yeo Jung was asked what she thought was the reason for her popularity on variety shows.

Yoon Yeo Jung answered, “I don’t know myself. A few days ago, I had a phone call with Lee Mi Sook, and she gave me a cheap explanation, saying, ‘You’re an oddball in her 70s. That’s why they cast you comfortably in variety shows, and why people love you.’ In a way, I think that is true.”

Yoon Yeo Jung’s most recent variety show, “Youn’s Kitchen 2,” is seeing success with ratings reaching as high as 14 percent. The actress modestly explained, “I was lured by PD Na Young Suk’s sweet talk when I first entered variety shows, and it has come all the way here. The ratings are all thanks to Park Seo Joon‘s popularity.”

To the question of if she ever regretted starring in variety shows, Yoon Yeo Jung replied, “I usually don’t think that, but when I see hateful comments about my old age, or comments nitpicking something trivial from the show, I feel upset and regret my decision about participating in it.”

The actress continued, “I can accept critique about my acting any time, because that is an evaluation of something that I have done, and of my abilities. But comments like, ‘You should stay at home if you’re old,’ ‘What’s wrong with your hair,’ and ‘The kitchen is unsanitary,’ made me upset. I happened to read the comments, and there were so many hateful ones that started with, ‘Old woman.'”

“If I could, I wanted to reply back to them, ‘Little one, you will grow old too. When you’re older, your hair will grow thinner too,'” she added.

On a more positive note, Yoon Yeo Jung shared, “It’s a pleasant surprise that more people feel familiar with me, and treat me more warmly after appearing on variety shows.”

The actress added, “My only hope is that all of this experience will have a positive impact on my acting as well.”

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