Watch: “MIXNINE” Male Contestants Showcase Performances Of Original Tracks

On January 14, JTBC’s “MIXNINE” broadcast the second part of the song battle.

After airing the female tracks on the previous episode, this episode aired the three original tracks performed by the male contestants.

The first team performed “Super Freak,” produced by Future Bounce. The team consisted of Kim Byeong Kwan, Kim Min Seok, Choi Hyun Suk, Jo Yong Geun, Yuto, Park Min Kyun, Oh Hee Jun, Kim Dong Yoon, and Kim Kook Heon.

As a result of the audience and judge votes, Kim Byeong Kwan placed No. 1, Kim Min Seok placed No. 2, and Park Min Kyun placed No. 3.

The second team performed “Hand in Hand,” produced by Kang Wook Jin, LIØN, and Diggy. The team consisted of Woo Jin Young, Lee Seung Jun, Kim Hyun Soo, Kim Seh Yoon, Lee Ru Bin, Shim Jae Young, Jin Sung Ho, Kim Young Jo, and Lee Byoung Gon.

As a result of the audience and judge votes, Lee Byoung Gon placed No. 1, Shim Jae Young placed No. 2, and Woo Jin Young placed No. 3.

The third team performed “Stand by Me,” produced by MC Mong. The team consisted of Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Dong Hun, Song Han Gyeom, Woo Tae Woon, Yao Ming Ming, Lee Gun Min, Jeong In Seong, Lee Jae Jun, and Kim Hyun Jong.

As a result of the audience and judge votes, Kim Hyo Jin placed No. 1, Yao Ming Ming placed No. 2, and Lee Jae Jun placed No. 3.

Which track or performance was your favorite?