Nam Tae Hyun Addresses Negative Comments Mentioning WINNER

On January 14, Nam Tae Hyun took to Instagram to criticize malicious comments that tied him back to his former group, WINNER.

Nam Tae Hyun had left YG Entertainment and WINNER due to health issues in November 2016. The singer later established his own personal label South Buyers Club and his band South Club to continue his music activities.

Nam Tae Hyun wrote, “I only answer questions about leaving WINNER because it’s included in interviews. I don’t want to talk about it either.

“And, what, I keep changing my words? If I talk about the reason for leaving in detail, do you think it will be my loss? Shut up and stop leaving malicious comments while I keep quiet and leave it covered.

“I don’t like to fight. So just keep on cheering the person you like. I’m not an idol, and I can live well by myself without needing to craft an image of being nice and hardworking.

“And I work hard on my own will. I do what I put my mind to.

“That’s why I eat better and live better than you guys, who insult others while sitting at home. If you don’t like me, stop caring about me and leave me alone.”

Nam Tae Hyun’s post has since been deleted from his account.

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