“Running Man” Members Get Suspicious Of Interactions Between Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo

The members of “Running Man” are paying close attention to the suspicious chemistry between Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo!

On January 14, the members of “Running Man” were given a mission to direct the age-limit warning screen for broadcasts. The video created during the mission will be used to warn “Appropriate for 12 years old and above” at the beginning of each episode of “Running Man.”

The members showed enthusiasm after learning that the clip will be played eight times for a month, and started to go overboard with their content planning.

The first and second presenters, Jun So Min and Yang Se Chan, emphasized a storyline that involved Kim Jong Kook revealing his abs and torso.

However, third presenter Song Ji Hyo announced, “I did not include Kim Jong Kook exposing his body. I created it so that everyone will equally wear tights or be in equal positions.”

Upon hearing Song Ji Hyo’s presentation, Kim Jong Kook quietly whispered, “You’re so kind,” and Song Ji Hyo smiled in response.

The members, who watched the suspicious interaction between the two, asked, “What’s going on? Are you guys dating? You guys seem suspicious after learning about the fortune telling last week.”

After the presentations were finished, Yoo Jae Suk remarked, “I don’t like Song Ji Hyo’s idea, because our faces don’t show.” In response, Kim Jong Kook defended, “Why do you say that? Song Ji Hyo’s idea was good too.”

Then, Yoo Jae Suk answered, “You guys seem strange. You two seem to be hanging out together a lot, even during the Entertainment Awards Ceremony.”

Ji Suk Jin commented, “I might really lose all my money.”

Prior to this incident, HaHa had talked about the dating rumors between Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook in a past episode. At the time, Song Ji Hyo asked Kim Jong Kook, “I heard about the rumors saying I’m dating Kim Jong Kook. Are we dating?”

Ji Suk Jin had dismissed the rumors, saying, “No way, I bet all my money that they’re not dating.”

Kim Jong Kook had responded, “I’m covetous of Ji Suk Jin’s money,” and Ji Suk Jin joked, “I saw a comment that said, ‘I want to see Ji Suk Jin kicking cans.'”

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