Seungjae Adorably Embarrasses His Dad On “The Return Of Superman”

On the January 14 episode of KBS variety show “The Return of Superman,” Seungjae shared the hilarious reason why he’s proud of his dad, Go Ji Yong.

During the episode, Seungjae had to go through rehearsal. Go Ji Yong asked his son, “Aren’t you nervous? 20 years ago, I went on the stage a countless number of times,” referring to his SECHSKIES days. He then advised his son, “First of all, when you’re on stage, always smile. Second, you have to greet people well.”

After hearing his father’s advice, Seungjae joined the rehearsal and in the middle, announced, “My dad’s tall. Also, he plays with me well. My dad drinks alcohol,” making Go Ji Yong flustered.

If you haven’t already, watch the latest episode below!

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