13 Adorable And Hilarious Moments From “I Am Not A Robot”

MBC’s hit drama “I Am Not a Robot,” starring Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin, has given viewers plenty of moments that produce warm and fuzzy feels or fits of hysterical laughter. During the first half of the drama, we watched as Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin) pretended to be the robot-modeled-after-her, Aji 3, and grow close to Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho), who suffers from an ailment where he breaks out in a rash upon human-contact. There have been plenty of ridiculous antics on the part of both leads, as Min Kyu tries to teach his new robot, and Ji Ah must successfully hide that she’s human.

With hidden identities, a selfish heir, a robot who isn’t a robot, and a motley group of side-characters, this drama is filled with plenty of comedy and flowery romance.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Cat. Master. Cat.

Ji Ah isn’t completely on her own while pretending to be Aji 3. The team of scientists in charge of the project gave her special contacts and an ear piece that connect her to Aji 3’s system and allow the robot to in turn learn from her experiences. Ji Ah copying Aji 3’s reactions can produce some hilarious moments — like the time she can’t identify Min Kyu when he wears a cat mask.

Delivery girl

Min Kyu and Ji Ah actually have an unfriendly first encounter, before she even assumes the robot’s identity. She tracks down goods requested by customers and delivers them, but when a delivery for Min Kyu goes wrong, he refuses to pay the delivery fee… and Ji Ah doesn’t take it too well.

Robot meets master

Fake-robot meet Master, a.k.a. the customer Ji Ah threatened and attacked shortly before she assumed Aji 3’s identity. Eek!


Aji 3 isn’t Min Kyu’s first electronic. He has a whole series of cleaning robots that he calls “Pretty” and assigns corresponding numbers to indicate their worth. In order to get her own special nickname, Ji Ah has to prove herself! The nickname “Pretty” shows up a lot: from a plaque for her room to a hat they find at a street stall.

The cure

Min Kyu and Aji 3 go out on the town, and low-and-behold he doesn’t have a bad reaction to the crowd! He can only assume that this is thanks to Ji Ah’s companionship. His subsequent joy produces one of the cutest scenes in the drama!

Ji Ah’s temper

Ji Ah’s got a temper, and when her new master pushes her too far, she completely goes off. Very unbecoming of a robot…

The reactions of the science team members observing Ji Ah are gold.

Forehead chu

The forehead kiss. THE FOREHEAD KISS. So cute!

How to get the girl

Min Kyu is trying to romance a childhood friend, but he knows nothing about love. Ji Ah brings in her friend Sun Hye (Lee Min Ji), a self-proclaimed love-expert, who tries to show Min Kyu how to break the “friend” barrier using the K-drama “catch the girl” cliche. Ji Ah becomes a test trial and… oh dear, is someone falling in love?

Operation Mode, Friend Mode

Aji 3 only has one mode — Operation Mode — but after her outburst, the team has to think fast, and thus, Friend Mode is created! Now, whenever Ji Ah slips out of character, she’s got the perfect excuse.

The magic umbrella

Ji Ah and Min Kyu share a cute moment in the rain, looking up through a transparent umbrella. It sparks Min Kyu’s imagination, and he creates a special umbrella that goes from a solid color to transparent, and back again. Where can I buy one of these?

Old food and bathroom woes

There are so many hilarious moments in “I Am Not a Robot” that it’s hard to choose a favorite. However, one of the top scenes has to be the scientist team fighting for the bathroom after they eat expired curry. At the same time, Ji Ah (who also ate the curry) farts in Min Kyu’s presence and convinces him that he must be the culprit since she’s a robot.

Battery power

Here’s another perk of being a robot! Min Kyu’s spent most of his life building a giant house of cards. When Ji Ah accidentally knocks it down while cleaning, she announces that she’s out of power and shuts down. Talk about quick thinking! If only we could all get out of awkward situations like that…

The kiss

After rehearsing the “catch” with Aji 3, Min Kyu tries to recreate the same event with his lady love all in the hopes of creating the perfect chance to kiss. Things don’t go his way, and he catches the robot again, who decides to make her own special moment: their first on-the-lips kiss!

Incomplete .gif! You didn’t think I’d actually spoil the whole scene, did you?

What are your favorite scenes from “I Am Not a Robot”? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to catch up on all the episodes on Rakuten VIKI!

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