2PM’s Junho Breaks Down In Tears On “Just Between Lovers”

JTBC’s “Just Between Lovers” released stills of 2PM’s Junho crying uncontrollably in the upcoming episode.


In the latest episode, Kang Doo (Junho) realized the shocking truth that his grandmother (Na Moon Hee) has a brain tumor. Kang Doo’s grandmother was both family and a dear friend to Kang Doo who had been leading a difficult, lonely life. Kang Doo immediately returned to Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah) and his grandmother’s side after hearing the news. Tensions rose as Kang Doo began having a nosebleed as he stood by his grandmother in a hospital bed.

The released pictures show Kang Doo crying while holding his grandmother who seems to be unconscious. His despair at his own helplessness stands out. Moon Soo is also by Kang Doo’s side, trying to calm him with her eyes full of concern.

In the last picture, Kang Doo crumbles down to the floor after leaving his grandmother’s ward. Leaning against the wall, he is unable to stop himself from crying.

Kang Doo’s grandmother has been refusing medical treatment, fearing that a surgery could lead to memory loss. Kang Doo successfully convinced her to be hospitalized, but by then her condition was already critical.

Junho is said to have gotten into character even before the cameras began rolling. His acting full of sincere desperation also made the production staff tear up as they watched him.

The upcoming episode of “Just Between Lovers” featuring Junho’s passionate acting airs on January 15 at 11:00 p.m. KST.

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