2PM’s Wooyoung Shares His Past Struggles And Plans For Military Enlistment

2PM’s Wooyoung recently sat down for an interview to talk about his past struggles and future plans including military enlistment.

Wooyoung revealed that he went through a slump five years ago about being a celebrity. “I gained popularity and wealth that I couldn’t have gotten at such a young age, so that was strange,” he confessed. “Performing in a big concert hall and being popular among my fans itself was awkward.”

He continued to say he wanted to find a reason why he had to be popular. “I had what could be arrogant thoughts. But now that I see it, I think my exhaustion had been building up,” he said.”

What made him get over his struggles, in the end, was 2PM. “To be honest, I wanted to give everything up, but I couldn’t betray those five people. I didn’t think it was okay for me to leave them,” Wooyoung said. “The reason I live right now is 2PM and the reason I want to do solo activities is also 2PM.”

Wooyoung also talked about his plans for military enlistment, admitting that the members of 2PM will need at least four to five years before they all come together as a group again.

“I’m thinking about enlisting in the army in the latter half of this year,” he revealed. Unlike some others who worry about their time in the military, Wooyoung said he quickly wanted to experience what it was like. “There’s still this feeling of being left out for me,” Wooyoung explained. “There’s also the feeling that I’m not a proper Korean man yet. When I hear stories from my friends who’ve served their time in the army, I feel like I’m still young.”

The reason his enlistment became relatively late was because he was trying to focus on his work as much as he could, according to Wooyoung. He didn’t want to make the decision by himself as he was working as a member of a team.

Wooyoung went on to compliment Taecyeon, a member of 2PM who is currently in the army. He said, “When I see him on vacation, he doesn’t seem like he had been a celebrity at all.” Taecyeon fit into the system of the military so well that it was like he was born for it. “He lost weight and his face looked so good,” Wooyoung added.

When asked how he would feel if he became Taecyeon’s subordinate soldier, Wooyoung jokingly replied that he couldn’t answer the question right away because he knew Taecyeon could be tough when he wanted to. He soon answered, “I don’t think it would be bad, but it would be better if we were separate.”

Wooyoung recently released his second mini album with the title track “Don’t Cry.”

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