9 Times “Hwayugi” Episodes 5 And 6 Drove Us Crazy

It’s the third week for tvN’s weekend drama “Hwayugi,” and things are really starting to heat up — both literally and in the romance (and bromance) department. Whether from cuteness, hilarity, or even frustration, Episodes 5 and 6 had plenty of moments that made us crazy. Read on to find out our top 9!

Warning: spoilers for Episodes 5 and 6 below!

1. When things got steamy

The dynamic between Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) and Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) is getting more and more complex. And while Oh Gong continues to blame the magical Geum Gang Go bracelet for his feelings towards Sun Mi, there’s no denying that these two have some palpable chemistry. This was pretty obvious when they had to engage in a little skinship to lure out a motel-haunting demon…

Who, of course, appeared right before things started to get too heated — much to Oh Gong’s dismay.

We can’t help but feel robbed of a kiss in this scene!

2. When Oh Gong and Sun Mi were cute

In addition to their steamy chemistry, Oh Gong and Sun Mi are also absolutely adorable together, and we’re equally crazy for their cute interactions. Like when Sun Mi introduced Oh Gong to his new favorite food:

And the centuries-old Great Sage promptly adopted the manners of a 5-year-old.

Or when Oh Gong was sweet enough to take Sun Mi on her ideal date, proving that he cares about her and the things she likes:

Even if the Geum Gang Go had a hand in inspiring Oh Gong’s thoughtfulness, who can help but swoon?

3. When P.K started to catch feels

Charming and endearing though he may be, P.K (Lee Hong Ki) has always been completely self-serving — until recently, that is. Originally all in favor of killing Sam Jang/Sun Mi as long as he got a bite of her powerful flesh, P.K changed his mind once he realized that Sam Jang’s death would also mean the demise of Bu Ja (Lee Se Young), the pretty, young zombie whom he seems to be spending a lot of time with lately.

It looks like P.K has some complicated feelings about Bu Ja, and we don’t blame him if their adorably precious dynamic has made him confused.

After all, have you ever heard of a romance between a decaying zombie corpse and an immortal demon/celebrity? We haven’t either, but we’re desperately cheering for this one.

4. When Oh Gong literally set a whole world on fire to save Sun Mi

Oh Gong also turned up the badass this week, coming to Sun Mi’s rescue when she was shot while inside an old, haunted film. His rescue method of choice? Set the entire film world ablaze.

And, of course, walk slowly and dramatically away from the flames with the wounded Sun Mi in his arms.

5. When Oh Gong kept us on our toes

But lest we think Oh Gong’s commendable deeds are a sign that he’s becoming tame or — *shudder* — good, he proved to us that he’s still as unpredictable as ever.

By lacing Ma Wang’s wine with Sam Jang/Sun Mi’s blood, Oh Gong takes a pretty big risk with Sun Mi’s life just to make Ma Wang (Cha Seung Won) feel the pain of craving for her. It’s an especially wild move for him to put her life in such danger considering he’s the one who has to keep saving her. But it’s one way for Oh Gong to rebel, and it keeps us second-guessing him just enough to make things interesting.

6. When Ma Wang and Oh Gong were in bromance mode

For two at-odds immortal beings who love to watch each other suffer, Oh Gong and Ma Wang sure do make quite a bromantic pair. From loving embraces (err, kind of):

To hilarious bickering and displays of sass:

This duo is quickly becoming one of the best relationships on the show, and we’re loving their antagonistic dynamic.

7. Every time Oh Gong was mean to Sun Mi

One thing that drove us crazy in a bad way is how downright cruel Oh Gong can be to Sun Mi. Because for someone who’s in love with our heroine, the Great Sage makes some truly biting comments to her.

It’s hard to watch these scenes without feeling sad for Sun Mi, especially when she is so genuinely sweet to Oh Gong. Why does he have to turn her kindness around and cut her so deeply? And he’s the one who wants to eat her, anyway, so what gives him the right to be so mean to her?

8. Every time Oh Gong failed to recognize his feelings

Oh Gong should especially watch his mouth because it’s obvious that he’s starting to actually fall for Sun Mi. What other explanation is there for his terribly lame excuses as to why he can’t let his friend Jang Goon (Sung Hyuk) help him get rid of her?

When even the rational side of Oh Gong that’s not controlled by a magical love bracelet doesn’t notice how transparent these excuses are, it’s definitely a sign that some deeper feelings are brewing.

9. When we learned how Oh Gong really feels

But thankfully, in case the world’s lamest excuses weren’t enough of a tip-off, we got to hear Oh Gong’s true feelings from his own mouth when he was temporarily released from the Geum Gang Go’s spell:


Now we just have to sit back and watch as the Great Sage slowly begins to understand his own emotions. It’ll probably take some time for this stubborn monkey, but we can wait! Before next week, make sure you’re caught up with “Hwayugi” Episodes 5 and 6 on Rakuten Viki.

If you haven’t already, start watching “Hwayugi” now:

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