“Running Man” PD Explains Why It Will Be Difficult To Invite Jo Se Ho On The Show Now

Jo Se Ho has been a frequent guest on many variety shows including SBS’s “Running Man.” Whenever he would appear, the “Running Man” members would say, “It’s you again?” and “See you next time,” which helped solidify Jo Se Ho’s funny character on variety shows.

After MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” announced last week that Jo Se Ho became their sixth permanent member, it’s been explained that it will now be difficult to see the comedian on “Running Man.” Since Yoo Jae Suk and HaHa are current members of both “Infinite Challenge” and “Running Man,” the shows would look too similar to one another if Jo Se Ho appeared as a guest on “Running Man.”

In an interview with a Korean news outlet, producing director Jung Chul Min said, “We relied on Jo Se Ho like the ninth member. But now that he went to ‘Infinite Challenge,’ it will now be difficult to invite him.”

He continued, “I talked to him recently. We said let’s see each other soon and thanked each other. We like him and are thankful for him. I’m happy that he’s doing well.”

Jung Chul Min added, “I did think about calling him to ‘Running Man,’ but I try not to overlap with ‘Infinite Challenge’ if possible. The same goes for Yang Se Hyung. Even if the programs are different, they’re both outdoor variety shows, so they may seem like duplicates. We’re trying to avoid that.”

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