14 Korean Songs That Could Be Your Future Wedding Love Song

Ever come across a song and imagine yourself dancing to it with your future husband or wife on your wedding day? Maybe you daydream about it every day, or maybe you haven’t even thought about it. Regardless, it’s a day of romance and love, so it’s important that the song is perfect when you do get to the point of having to choose one.

This list could have literally been filled with hundreds of songs, and it was quite the task to narrow down, but I did it while taking into consideration old and new songs, various genres, and the lyrics. Without further ado, here is the list of Korean love songs that are perfect to set the mood on your fairytale wedding day.

(These songs are in no particular order. I also tried to include videos with English translations)

1. Crush – Beautiful

If you’re ok with this song having been a mega hit as a result of the K-drama, “Goblin,” then it’s the perfect song to accompany you and your future husband/wife on your first dance. Everything from Crush’s vocals and the first line will send chills down people’s spines. It’s that good.

2. Im Jae Bum – For You

If you’re worried about your first dance song not being able to withstand the test of time, then this one is fail-proof. Its heart-wrenchingly romantic lyrics will not only touch your soul, but beautifully convey how deep your love runs for each other.

3. CNBLUE – Love Light

CNBLUE’s “Love Light” is a K-pop love song that gives off a fun-loving and light-hearted vibe. The lyrics convey a lot of the feelings one gets when they first fall in love, which makes it too adorable and sweet – all of which is good for a first dance!

4. MeloMance – Gift

MeloMance’s lead vocalist, Kim Min Seok, has a unique and tender voice that leaves a memorable impression. The light melody and his sweet vocals make the perfect love song. It will truly stand the test of time and be considered a classic for years to come.

5. Brown Eyed Soul – Nothing Better

What’s a wedding song list without the mention of Brown Eyed Soul’s “Nothing Better”? This song has become the anthem of many love stories and is no doubt a great recommendation to consider when thinking of your big day. Lee Jung Yup’s voice will melt your heart.

6. 4Men – Baby Baby

When it comes to love songs, it’s hard to skip 4Men. Their R&B feels and poetic lyrics are sure to touch your soul.

7. Suzy – I Love You Boy

Another recent song from the OST, “While You Were Sleeping,” the lyrics convey the feelings of loving someone and missing them constantly.

8. Ha Dong Geun – Amazing You

Ha Dong Geun’s voice is so smooth and is the icing on top of the cake. The melody and lyrics are perfect in showing your significant other how important and special they are.

9. Hyukoh – Gondry

The best part about Hyukoh’s songs are that they’re all so unique, not only in sound, but also in lyrics. They use unique metaphors and symbolism to convey love, which is why “Gondry” is not your typical wedding love song. It’s mellow and emotional; it conveys the feelings of love so beautifully.

10. Kwak Jin Eon – Go With Me

Kwak Jin Eon has more of a folk/indie vibe if you’re into this type of genre. “On a warm sunny day, come travel with me… let’s go far and never come back.” These wanderlust lyrics and the slow melodic sway of the song can have you imagining you and your future partner staring into each other’s eyes while dancing to this song. LOVE!

11. Lena Park – My Everything

You might be familiar with this song as it was featured on “We Got Married: Global Edition” when Taecyeon and Gui Gui were on it. This one doesn’t even need a translation as it’s all sung in English. Lena Park’s vocals and ability to put emotion into her songs are always such a blessing. Having this song as your wedding song would only add to the magic.

12. Kevin Oh – Be My Light

Kevin Oh, the winner of season 7 of “Superstar K,” has a voice that’s so soothing that it’ll have you melting in the arms of your future husband or wife. This song is off the soundtrack for “Chicago Typewriter,” which had an epic love story, so if you’re into epic love songs, this is the one.

13. G.Soul – I’ll Be There

“I’ll Be There” has a sexy, bluesy tone. But the best part of this song is hands-down G.Soul’s soulful voice. You really just have to listen to the chorus. It’ll blow your mind.

14. Baek Ji Young – Because Of You

A song by the queen of ballads, Baek Ji Young, with her powerhouse vocals and emotional ballads, would no doubt fit the mood of a wedding day. This particular song was from the “Hyde Jekyll, Me” OST.

Here is the full playlist. Enjoy!

Hey Soompiers, which song would you want as your wedding song? Let me know in the comments below!

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