Kim Min Jung Has Not Received Payments For Appearance In Drama, KEMA Responds

On January 15, it was revealed that actress Kim Min Jung had also not been paid for her work in MBC drama “Strike Love.”

Kim Min Jung previously starred in the drama, which aired in 2009, and it was revealed that she was owed a total of 105 million won (approximately $98,700). Insiders in the industry stated, “There have been numerous times where the production company will do a drama and shut their doors. From the lead actors to actors with smaller roles, they all end up not being able to appeal. The problem is quite serious.”

A source from her agency stated, “We are aware of her outstanding appearance fees. We hope this problem will be solved amicably.”

The issue of actors not being paid their appearance fees have been apparent throughout the industry. Previously, it was revealed that Kim Woo Bin, Ku Hye Sun, and Sung Yuri were not paid for their work in modeling and drama appearance fees, and have been pursuing legal action since.

The actors and their agencies have notified the Korean Entertainment Management Association of their situation, and the organization is currently looking into their cases. A source from the organization stated, “We have received complaints of outstanding payments from drama appearances since 2014. We are making an effort to create a list of production companies who have taken part in such behavior, and plan to take the lead in boycotting them in the industry. Although we have taken strong measures against them, as we are not an organization with judicial power, there are still many problems. However, we plan to continuously make efforts as we can at least create a blacklist of production companies, their CEOs, directors, and reveal their names to the public.”

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