IU Teases Her Manager About His Love For Red Velvet

The latest episode of IU TV followed the singer’s domestic tour and showed clips of the singer behind-the-scenes preparing for concerts.

During the episode, IU is seen backstage during rehearsals for her concert. She first talks about winning the Grand Prize at the 2017 Melon Music Awards, where she laughs about her mistake during her acceptance speech.

She then grins slyly and says, “Yesterday, Hanteo… [her manager’s name]” to which her manager abruptly cuts her off and jokes, “Let’s talk about this later, we have to start the rehearsal.” He then comments, “It was something that made my life start anew.”

IU then reveals, “It was like your birthday yesterday. He got to take a picture with Red Velvet! They said they watched IU TV. So they know who Hanteo is.”

The singer explains, “So yesterday, I asked them, ‘I’m so sorry, I know you guys must be tired, but could you take a picture with my manager?’ But then Hanteo kept saying no so I insisted, ‘Come on! Hurry up and take the picture!’ and he refused three times! I kept insisting, and eventually we all took a picture together.”

IU teases her manager as she continues, “After Red Velvet left, his face got super red and he was smiling so widely. I think he was happier that he got to take a photo with Red Velvet than I was to win the Grand Prize. What a special day for Hanteo!” She then addresses her manager, “How is it? You got to take a picture with Red Velvet thanks to me. Aren’t you glad you’re IU’s manager?”

Watch the full episode below!