Oh My Girl Gifts Fans Hand-Crafted Cards At “2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

Oh My Girl prepared thoughtful gifts for their fans who came to watch the “2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships!”

On January 16, Oh My Girl posted a photo of cards adorned with flowers and wrote, “Miracles who spent the day with us! Did you receive the cards decorated with ‘Secret Garden’ flowers? Today was very precious! Thank you and love you! Good night everyone.”

The members hand-crafted 100 unique cards with flowers to suit the concept of their new track, “Secret Garden.” The handmade cards were decorated and written by Oh My Girl members themselves.

Oh My Girl’s fans took to social media and online communities to show off the sincere gift, and shared that the group also provided lunchboxes and chicken for the fans.

Oh My Girl recently scored top spots in music charts after releasing their track “Secret Garden” on January 9.

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