Popular Idol’s Admission To Graduate School Under Investigation By Police

The police have launched an investigation into an idol’s admission into graduate school.

On January 16, SBS News reported that an unidentified member of a popular idol group (hereafter referred to as A) was accepted into the doctoral program at the graduate school of Kyung Hee University through what is being described as preferential treatment.

A applied to the university in October of 2016, but failed their initial interview when they did not show up at the examination site. A applied again during the additional recruitment period two months later, but also did not attend the interview. However, this time A received a passing grade for the interview.

The police have launched an investigation into the process of A’s admission into the program, including summoning Professor Lee (whose given name has not been disclosed), who was the dean of the school at the time. They have also searched the administration office as well as Professor Lee’s office.

Representatives of A stated that the idol had applied to the university under Professor Lee’s suggestion. They also said that Professor Lee had come to their agency’s office and stated that their visit would be considered A’s interview, which is why A had not gone to the examination site.

A took a leave of absence from school immediately after admission.

The police have stated that they are currently reviewing laws that may be applicable to A and the professor.

It has been reported that there are many celebrities and business executives who have been accepted into graduate school without evaluation interviews, and therefore the police’s investigation will be expanding.

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