B.A.P’s Himchan Talks About Acting Debut, Praises Daehyun And VIXX’s Leo

B.A.P member Himchan will make his acting debut through the play “Yeodo” and shared his thoughts in an interview on January 16.

“Yeodo” will tell the story around the time of King Danjong and King Sejo, the sixth and seventh kings of the Joseon Dynasty. It will explore the mystery surrounding the death of King Danjong.

Himchan will play the role of Yi Sung, a man who pretends to be crazy in order to uncover the truth about King Danjong’s death. FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun and actor Shin Min Soo have also been cast for the same role.

Himchan said, “I chose to appear on it because I majored in Korean traditional music, so I had a lot of interest in sageuk (Korean historical dramas) and liked the scenario.” He joined the cast later than the other actors, so he revealed he feels twice the amount of pressure. “When I don’t have any schedules, I’m basically living with the ‘Yeodo’ actors,” added Himchan.

The B.A.P member showed extensive knowledge of his character after studying Korean history for a better understanding of the story. He added, “I will not merely be a madman, but am approaching the character as a prince with responsibility,” after finding out that Yi Sung was royalty in the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty.

Himchan shared that he plans to audition for more roles on stage. He mentioned he likes the nervousness and energy as an actor as reasons why he wants to pursue more roles in theater and films.

Fellow B.A.P member Daehyun made his successful debut as an actor after appearing in musicals “Napoleon” and “All Shook Up.” Daehyun said to Himchan, “Just do it. If you start to worry, then it’ll make you worry more, so just do it.” When Himchan worried about the number of lines he would have to memorize, Daehyun encouraged him by saying, “You can memorize all of it.”

Himchan expressed his admiration and respect for Daehyun by describing him as “a senior who debuted in the difficult play ‘Napoleon.'” He continued, “Musical ‘Napoleon’ was a debut project, so honestly I was worried as a fellow member, but he did great. In his second project “All Shook Up,” I was surprised because he was so good. Daehyun played the role of Elvis that suited him really well. I just need to do well now.”

He also commented on his friend VIXX’s Leo making his musical debut previously and said, “I saw a scene from ‘Mata Hari’ that he showed at the concert and he looked cool. I haven’t seen ‘Last Kiss’ yet, but Leo changed after doing musicals. His motions and voice got bigger and the way he expresses himself changed. I’m excited to see if my ways of expressing will change after the play.”

Himchan revealed that he has not yet invited the B.A.P members to come and watch the play. He explained, “The members said they will come and watch, but I’m holding off on inviting them since it’s my first time. I want to invite them after the first week and after my mind and body are stable. I plan to continue my activities as an actor starting this year.”

“Yeodo” began on January 15 and will continue until February 25.

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