Kam Woo Sung, Kim Sun Ah, Oh Ji Ho, And More Gather For “Should We Kiss First” Script Reading

SBS’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama “Should We Kiss First” held its first script reading on January 15.

“Should We Kiss First” is a realistic melodrama that tells the story of adults who are awkward at love. It will primarily focus on the real love story of men and women in their 40s and love cells that comes alive after a kiss.

Writer Bae Yoo Mi, director Son Jung Hyun, and staff attended the script reading along with actors Kam Woo Sung, Kim Sun Ah, Oh Ji Ho, Park Si Yeon, Kim Sung Soo, Ye Ji Won, Bae Da Bin, Ki Do Hoon, Kim Ki Bang, and Lee Young Eun.

The first script reading was reportedly full of laughter with its fun script and actors who perfectly portrayed their dynamic characters. After an opening statement from the director, the actors quickly immersed themselves into their roles.

Leads Kam Woo Sung and Kim Sun Ah showed off their excellent chemistry that made it hard to believe it was their first script reading. Oh Ji Ho and Park Si Yeon portrayed a realistic married couple who become impassioned then start bickering, while their on-screen daughter and child actor Jo Ah In impressed everyone with her acting.

Actors Kim Sung Soo and Ye Ji Won were successful in realistically portraying adults who have some experience of love and life under their belts. On-screen best friends Ye Ji Won and Kim Sun Ah brought the script reading to a halt by making everyone laugh when reading lines from their scene.

Rookie actors Bae Da Bin and Ki Do Hoon will be the only young couple in their 20s in the drama and also breathed life into their characters during the successful first script reading of SBS’s first melodrama of 2018.

“Should We First Kiss” will premiere on Monday, February 5 at 10 p.m. KST after the end of “Oh, the Mysterious.”

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