Junho And Won Jin Ah Are Professional But Shy While Filming Kiss Scene For “Just Between Lovers”

JTBC’s “Just Between Lovers” has released a making clip of the sweet three-stage kiss scene between 2PM’s Junho and actress Won Jin Ah.

In the beginning of the video, the two actors are filming the scene where Junho comes in through Won Jin Ah’s window. She tugs him inside, and he comes tumbling in at an alarming rate, causing the director to call “cut” and everyone on the set to burst into hearty laughter.

To make the scene more realistic and less comical, Junho suggests he struggle some more on the window ledge before entering the bedroom. He comments, “Or else [if I come up in one tug], Moon Soo [Won Jin Ah’s character] is Super Woman.” They try the scene one more time with his advice, but this time, he causes the curtains to fall, shocking Won Jin Ah.

Later on in the clip, the two of them prepare for their kiss scene. They chatter about bread in the beginning without any hint of nervousness, but as time goes on, Won Jin Ah can’t help but admit, “I feel awkward,” and in turn Junho laughs and wonders out loud, “Are we filming [the kiss scene] now?”

During the rehearsal, the two actors are shy, but when the cameras roll, they switch into professional mode and fully immerse into their respective characters. Once the scene is approved, Junho and Won Jin Ah break apart. She starts to wipe her eyes with her sleeve, and he laughs at her, asking, “Why are you shedding tears?”

Watch the clip below!

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