Yoo Seung Ho And Chae Soo Bin Get Emotional In Latest Confrontation On “I Am Not A Robot”

Will it end happily for Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin?

In new stills released from MBC’s “I Am Not a Robot,” the couple are having some kind of emotional confrontation, with Yoo Seung Ho looking upset and Chae Soo Bin on the verge of tears. The look that Yoo Seung Ho is giving Chae Soo Bin is very different from how he looked at her when he thought she was a robot.

Although the couple had spun out a sweet romance as a robot and human, it looks like they are still struggling to get their feelings across after the truth was revealed.

The production staff of “I Am Not a Robot” stated, “Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin’s roller coaster of emotions is part of their fate. They built up their relationship by being very close to one another, so please cheer them on so that their love might help them change for the better.”

“I Am Not a Robot” is about a man with a “human allergy” and a woman who pretends to be a robot that helps him fall in love.

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