Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Talks About Leaving SM Entertainment And Shares Her Dreams

On the January 17 episode of JTBC’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together,” Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun guested along with actor Ji Hyun Woo, and she talked about leaving SM Entertainment.

During the episode, host Lee Kyung Kyu asked the Girls’ Generation member why she left her former agency. Seohyun explained, “Girls’ Generation had reached our 10th year, and we talked a lot amongst ourselves. There’s things we can do as a whole together, but there are also individual dreams we want to achieve.”

Lee Kyung Kyu then asked, “What’s your dream?” Seohyun answered that she wanted to live an independent life. She explained, “I did my best to live as a celebrity. But as a person, as Seo Joo Hyun, I wanted to look back on my life and I wanted to know what I really wanted.”

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