IU Talks About Her 2017, Self-Producing, New Music, and More

On the January 17 episode of JTBC’s “Newsroom,” IU guested and took part in various interviews and segments, including “Cultural Reserved Seat” (literal translation).

During the segment, IU chose 2017 as her best year so far, and commented, “It was a year with a lot of personal satisfaction.” When news anchor Son Seok Hee asked her to compare her explosive popularity during her rookie days to this year, she answered, “During my rookie days, my fans were always curious, but for this album, I felt a [welcoming] feeling, as if they were saying, ‘You’ve come again.'”

The singer also talked about gaining popularity through producing her own albums. She shared, “The topic, songs, image, and holistic image are things that I personally decided on. I decided to tell stories of people, while for my first self-produced album, I told stories of myself.”

IU was also asked about her new, upcoming music, to which she responded, “I’m slowly working on new music. Since it’s my 10-year anniversary, I’m going to put in things that I’ve felt until now,” and revealed that the subject would be ‘time.’ On using “people” as her musical topic, she commented, “I’m in my 20s, I’m a woman, and I’m a celebrity. I don’t pick just one focal point.”

She then chose “Through the Night” as the most special song to her, and shared, “When I wrote the lyrics for this song, I was dealing with serious insomnia. I wrote the lyrics because I thought if you have someone you love, it was right to hope for their sleep. I heard from my fans that they heard it as a lullaby and were able to fall asleep to it.” On her insomnia, IU explained, “I think [the source of my insomnia] is because the life of a celebrity is irregular.”

The ending song for this episode’s “Newsroom” was “Knee,” a song that IU recommended.

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