12 Times Junho Made Our Knees Weak In Episodes 11 And 12 Of “Just Between Lovers”

Junho has been stealing the show in the series thus far, and it’s fair to say that he’s really showcasing his acting skills. We all knew he was a natural, but in his first ever starring role, he’s really winning our hearts!

Here’s a look at 11 moments from this past week’s episodes of “Just Between Lovers” where Kang Doo (Junho) made our hearts flutter.


After Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah) is relentless in proving that she won’t leave Kang Doo’s side, he finally caves. He warns Moon Soo one last time that if she doesn’t leave that he won’t let her go. The lines, the gaze, and whole feel of the scene is just perfect in portraying Kang Doo’s character.

2. The morning after and how Kang Doo looks at Moon Soo

3. Or anytime Kang Doo gazes at Moon Soo, for that matter

4. When Kang Doo calls Moon Soo

Kang Doo doesn’t even know it, but he’s totally let his guard down. He even takes the initiative to call Moon Soo, which is a huge deal because she was always calling him and he was always avoiding her. It’s cute to say the least.

5. Kang Doo complimenting Moon Soo while she eats

Don’t we wish we could get complimented like this while we eat?

6. When Kang Doo takes his friend shopping

This part didn’t necessarily make my knees weak, but it was uber adorable seeing Kang Doo buy his friend clothes. It’s especially sweet when he tells his friend that he’s thankful for him (although his friend didn’t hear him say it). We love this bromance!

7. The adorable way Kang Doo asks Moon Soo to see him later because he’s going to look “super cool”

…and he does look super cool.

8. The warmth we all felt from this back hug



This hot and steamy kiss in Moon Soo’s bed was exactly what we wanted from the OTP. It was the perfect moment and perfect setting and we couldn’t have asked for more.

10. Kang Doo not worrying about catching Moon Soo’s cold and delivering this epic line

11. And this Romeo And Juliet-esque window kiss scene

It’s too cute when Kang Doo gives one last kiss to Moon Soo as he climbs down from her window. It’s romantic and epic and how can we not love this couple?

12. The OST that Junho sings

Our ears are blessed.

Hey Soompiers, what was your favorite Junho moment in this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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