Chungha Talks About Support From Former I.O.I Members

On January 17, Chungha held a showcase through V Live for her second mini-album “Offset,” where she talked about support from her former I.O.I members.

The singer shared, “The I.O.I members heard about the showcase and cheered me on. Jeon Somi sent ‘Leggo streaming’ in our group chat, which made us all laugh. They’re all friends who I always see, but they’re such a source of strength. I love you I.O.I, thank you!”

She also promised her fans, “With today’s showcase as the start, I’m going to promote hard through music programs. I’ll also work hard at radio shows and programs so I hope we have a lot of fun meeting with each other.”

Chungha recently released her second mini-album “Offset” with title track “Rollercoaster.”

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