“4YearsWithGOT7” Hashtag Reaches Over 600,000 Tweets In 24 Hours As GOT7 And Fans Celebrate 4th Anniversary

GOT7 and their fans celebrated their fourth debut anniversary with a trending hashtag that was used over 600,000 times!

On the anniversary of GOT7’s debut on January 16, fans took to Twitter to show their love and share their favorite moments from their past four years together with the group. The hashtag “#4YearsWithGOT7” trended worldwide with over 600,000 tweets in 24 hours (from January 15 to 16). The hashtag “#GOT7” also reached over 300,000 tweets in the same time period.

GOT7 has a big presence on Twitter, with almost 4.5 million followers on their official account, while “#GOT7” was the second Most Tweeted Hashtag in Singapore in 2017 and the 4th Most Tweeted Hashtag in Korea. Their song “You Are” was also the third Most Tweeted About Song worldwide in 2017, and “#GOT7” was the second most tweeted Korea-related hashtag in the world in 2017.

Twitter has highlighted GOT7’s success on the site by sharing a list of the group’s Top 10 Retweets! Coming in No. 1 is a tweet from JB’s birthday this month, when fans trended the hashtag “#ChicAndSexyJBDay.”

Check out the top ten below!

1. Tweet for leader JB’s birthday on January 5, 2018 (#ChicAndSexyJBDay)

2. Jackson’s teaser images for GOT7’s mini album “7 for 7”

3. Tweet for Mark’s birthday on September 4, 2017 (#HappyMarktuanDay)

4. First official group teaser images for “7 for 7”

5. Jinyoung’s teaser images for “7 for 7”

6. Tweet for Youngjae’s birthday on September 16, 2017 (#SunshineYoungjaeDay)

7. Mark’s teaser images for “7 for 7”

8. Tweet announcing the release of GOT7’s “You Are” MV

9. JB’s teaser images for “7 for 7”

10. Tweet for Jinyoung’s birthday on September 21, 2017 (#PrinceJinyoungDay)

Congratulations to GOT7 on four amazing years so far!

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