Chungha Talks Promoting At The Same Time As Suzy And Sunmi + Names Her Role Models

Chungha recently held a showcase for her second mini-album “Offset,” where she discussed promoting at the same time as Suzy and Sunmi, and named her role models.

At her showcase held on January 17, Chungha performed the intro track “Offset” and her new title track “Roller Coaster.” The stage outfits and choreography highlighted Chungha’s form and portrayed her glamorous aura. Chungha shared she wished to convey her natural daily life (off) and her fancy persona on stage (set) through this comeback, including the music, video, pictures, and choreography.

Chungha’s new title track “Roller Coaster” was produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jun Goon, and has a ’90s feel with a modern 2-step rhythm. The song emphasizes Chungha’s vocals and showcases her sophisticated and fancy image. Chungha commented about her title track, “It’s a song that likens first love to a roller coaster. I heard it’s the first song Black Eyed Pilseung made for a solo female artist. They told me many good things.”

After performing “Roller Coaster,” Chungha stated, “I’m excited and nervous and scared. I’m making a comeback after six months. While preparing for my album, I had fun guesting on various variety shows and working as a radio DJ. I wanted to make a comeback quickly. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.”

Chungha spoke about making a comeback at the same time as fellow female solo artists Suzy and Sunmi. Chungha remarked, “It’s a honor to be able to promote with senior artists [Suzy and Sunmi]. I will learn a lot by watching their performances. I was so happy they were also making a January comeback.” She added with a laugh, “I want to have fun like a roller coaster.”

This comeback is Chungha’s first one since making her debut as a solo artist last June with “Why Don’t You Know.” Chungha shared her thoughts on her comeback, “I was sad at the beginning of last year because it was the end of I.O.I promotions. However, I learned a lot while preparing for my solo debut afterwards. From preparing an album, appearances on variety shows, and participating in events, the things I could do on my own grew. I want to appear on more variety shows this year and improve. I’m going to try to have an active year this year.”

Chungha also chose her role models, naming representative female solo artists Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, HyunA, Sunmi, and BoA. She remarked, “It’s an honor to even receive questions related to these senior artists.”

Finally, Chungha revealed her desire to be an artist with no fear of genres, saying, “To be honest, I didn’t know I was going to debt as a solo artist. It’s a miracle I was able to debut with I.O.I and then again as a solo artist. I’m still lacking, but I want to solidify my strengths through promoting. I’m going to improve my ability to perform various genres with dance, my current strength.”

Chungha made her comeback with “Roller Coaster” on January 17.

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