BIGFLO’s Euijin Reassures Fans After Injury From “The Unit” Practice

BIGLO’s Euijin posted a message for worried fans following the news of his injury.

On January 18, Euijin posted a photo of himself to his personal Instagram with a reassuring message for fans. The caption reads, “Hello. This is Euijin. Everyone was very surprised because of the sudden news, right? I finished practice and have returned home. I apologize for worrying everyone who was surprised by my injury, and thank you for your concern. I will take care of my health now as much as you all have worried about me, and practice hard so I can became an Euijin who shows a more improved side. Thank you.”

Euijin most recently placed first on the ranking for “The Unit.”

Catch Euijin on the latest episode of “The Unit” below!

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