Jung Joon Young Signs On As New Member Of Professional Gaming Team

Jung Joon Young is set to make his surprise debut as a professional gamer!

According to C9 Entertainment, “‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ professional gaming team Team Kongdoo held an initiation ceremony on January 17 for Jung Joon Young, who has joined them as an official team member.”

As a team member, Jung Joon Young will now have access to Team Kongdoo’s specialized coaching system and support for content creation. Kongdoo Company’s CEO Seo Kyung Jong explained why they decided to recruit the singer as he said, “In the process of testing Jung Joon Young, we were surprised by his high understanding of the game, and his strong will and passion to become a professional gamer. We plan to help him grow into a competitive gamer.”

Jung Joon Young is known to play “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” in his free time between appearing on variety shows and creating new music, with scenes of him playing the game being broadcasted on various shows. He stated, “I am very aware that just enjoying a game is completely different from approaching a game as a professional gamer. Now that I am a member of the team, I will work with my fellow Team Kongdoo members and do my best to grow and contribute to the team.”

Congratulations to Jung Joon Young on the achievement!

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