INFINITE’s Sungyeol Talks About Busy Schedules And Going To The Emergency Room For Influenza

INFINITE’s Sungyeol has opened up about his busy schedule and recent illness.

In an interview with news outlet OSEN, he shared, “I was so busy because the INFINITE comeback and filming for my drama overlapped, so I barely slept. Last week, I usually slept two hours each day, practiced for performances, memorized scripts, and filmed for the drama. However, I got a little more time this week, so there was even a night when I slept for seven hours.”

Sungyeol also revealed that his immunity weakened recently due to the cold weather and busy schedules, so he got diagnosed with influenza B and even went to the emergency room.

Currently, INFINITE’s promotions are almost over, so he is focusing on drama filming.

When OSEN commented that fans must be sad about INFINITE’s short promotions, Sungyeol responded, “We wanted to do it a little longer for fans, but members’ individual schedules like dramas and musicals were already planned.” He added that they are discussing how to show more of INFINITE as a group.

Sungyeol is currently starring as the male lead in drama “Love Returns,” which airs every weekday via KBS1.

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