Kim Sejeong Reveals Advice She Gave To Wanna One + Her “Produce 101 Season 2” Picks

On the January 18 episode of “Happy Together,” gugudan’s Kim Sejeong talked about an occurrence she had with Wanna One.

Kim Sejeong said, “You know how singers exchange albums with each other? Before I gave them our album, I wrote a letter on it from corner to corner for Wanna One.” She explained that she had done so because their common experience [as project groups] isn’t common. In the letter, Kim Sejeong had written things like, “Don’t fight. Even though it may be tough now, later on, you’ll miss these times.”

The reason she gave such simple but heartfelt advice to Wanna One was because she hoped that her words would become a strength to at least one of the eleven members, just like how Super Junior Kim Heechul‘s encouragement of “don’t get tired first” were a strength for her.

However, Kim Sejeong revealed that she feels really embarrassed about it now, saying, “After giving Wanna One that letter, I can’t look at them anymore. I wondered what they would think of me. I regret being so nosy.”

She then suddenly sent a video letter to them on the show, commenting, “I hope you won’t feel pressured. Let’s comfortably see each other.” As her last words of encouragement, she told them, “Don’t get tired. The [life of an idol] is actually fun, so you’ll be able to find out if you hang in there for a bit longer.”

When Jo Se Ho asked her if there were any “Produce 101 Season 2” trainees that caught her eye, she picked Yoon Ji Sung and Ong Sung Woo. She explained, “In the beginning, my character was a comical one. That’s why, during the second season, in the first half, my eyes went to MMO’s Yoon Ji Sung. He was so funny. Then in the second half, Ong Sung Woo caught my eye. They’re both so hilarious, so I cheered for them.”

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