Krystal Opens Up About Reasons For f(x)’s Prolonged Hiatus

In a recent interview, Krystal talked about f(x)’s prolonged hiatus and why the group hasn’t made a comeback in over two years.

f(x) has not released an album since 2015, when the group made its first—and so far, only—comeback as four members with “4 Walls.” Although the members have pursued various solo activities in the time since, many fans have been anxious to see them promote together as a group again.

Krystal, who is currently starring in the tvN drama “Prison Playbook,” expressed that she also wishes to see f(x) return to the stage. She revealed that although the members frequently discussed making a comeback, even going so far as to schedule a date for a release in the past, their plans had always fallen through.

“The timing never worked out,” she explained. “Either the timing wasn’t right or the circumstances weren’t right. We made a lot of effort. We even had a plan to make a comeback during a certain month, but it fell through. It didn’t work out the way we wanted.”

She added, “The members always talk about group activities. We tried many times, but whenever we set a date in an attempt to prepare an album, something always came up.”

Krystal went on to clarify, “It’s not that our company isn’t letting us release an album. Everything is all about timing, but until now, that timing hasn’t worked out. When the timing is right and there’s a good song available, we’re always ready to release an album.”

The idol-turned-actress said that she felt apologetic to her fans, who frequently ask her when they can expect to see a new f(x) album. “I’m really, truly sorry to our fans,” she remarked. “I feel sorry because I can see how hard it is for them, and because I’m so sorry, I feel like there’s nothing I can say. I feel frustrated by the fact that I have nothing to tell them.”

However, she reassured her fans that she had no intention of giving up on her singing career. “Because I love music, it’s something that I never want to let go of,” she said. “I miss dancing. We’re always open to [making a comeback].”

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