Oh My Girl Shares What They Want To Receive If They Get Their First Win

Oh My Girl recently revealed what they hope to get if they win first place on a music program.

On January 19, the girl group appeared on MBC FM’s “Kangta’s Starry Night.” Kangta, the DJ of the radio show, suggested the girls choose a story character for each other.

Hyojung said Arin is Sleeping Beauty, Arin described Binnie as Snow White, Binnie said Mimi is Smurf, and Mimi said Jiho is Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” Jiho described YooA as the fairy from “A Fairy and a Woodman,” YooA said Seunghee is Filial Daughter Shimcheong, and Seunghee chose Kongjwi (the heroine of a story similar to “Cinderella”) for Hyojung. 

One listener of the radio show also asked the members if their agency promised to give them something if they won first place on music programs.

Jiho replied, “A long time ago, they said they would buy us cell phones if we won first place, but these days, I want to go on a trip with my members rather than get a cell phone. I want our president’s personal card for it.” Hyojung laughed as she said, “I hope they give us pocket money.”

Oh My Girl has recently made a return with “Secret Garden,” which has earned them nominations on music shows.

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