Sunmi Shares Where She Drew Inspiration From For “Heroine” Lyrics

Sunmi, who recently made a successful comeback with “Heroine,” showed off her charisma in a recent pictorial.

On January 19, Elle Korea released still images from their shoot with Sunmi as well as a portion of her interview, where Sunmi spoke about the inspiration behind her new track “Heroine.”

Sunmi participated in writing the lyrics for her comeback this time. Sunmi explained, “It’s not from my experience, but I drew a lot of inspiration from the movie ‘Nine 1/2 Weeks.’ I imagined the movie as I wrote lyrics like ‘My body, my hair, you make me dance and be drunk without alcohol.'”

Sunmi also shared a memorable comment she came across recently. She revealed, “[The comment] that said ‘It seems like there’s a genre just for Sunmi’ left a deep impression on my heart. I would like to leave an impression with just the name ‘Sunmi.’ This is not only for ‘Heroine,’ but my goal for my entire career.”

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