Watch: “MIXNINE” Hints At Surprising Results In Preview For Final Top 9 Announcement

The final top 9 contestants for each gender will be announced in the next episode of “MIXNINE”!

The newly released preview shows clips of the fierce competition that was held the past few weeks between the male and female contestants. A male contestant can be heard saying, “I’m 100% sure that guys will win,” and a female contestant says, “I want to show everyone that females will win.”

Once the final top 9 contestants are chosen for each gender, they will move onto the final live broadcast held on January 26 that will determine whether the female team or male team will debut. However, it has not been revealed exactly how many contestants will be able to participate in the final live broadcast.

According to the production staff, the final top 9 rankings will be quite surprising, with one of the contestants getting unexpectedly eliminated.

The male contestants generally received higher scores than the female contestants so far, but in the overall rankings, Shin Ryu Jin took an overwhelming first place ahead of top male contestant Woo Jin Young, making it unpredictable whether the male or female team will debut in the end.

The episode with the final top 9 rankings will air on January 21 at 4:30 p.m. KST. Watch the preview below!

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