BoA Confesses That She Has Stage Fright And Shares What Caused It

BoA revealed that she suffers from stage fright.

She appeared on the episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” that aired on January 20 and spoke about the struggles she went through when she first made her debut in Japan in 2002. BoA said, “Back then, there weren’t many singers who performed live in Korea. I wasn’t properly prepared. So when I went to do my Japanese showcase, I completely messed up my entire stage because I had to perform the whole thing live.”

She continued on to say, “My first Japanese stage was a complete disaster. That’s when I developed stage fright and I still have it now. It’s pretty bad. Nothing scares me more than standing on stage.” Her confession shocked the cast as they couldn’t believe that a great singer and performer like BoA could possibly have stage fright.

But BoA added that the experience also helped her grow. She stated, “After that failure, I gritted my teeth and kept practicing. I practiced singing while running on a treadmill. I kept singing while I was practicing choreography as well. I did what I needed to be better.”

Through her hard work and determination, BoA was able to overcome her rough start and became one of the pioneers of K-pop in Japan. She continues to have an illustrious career as a female solo artist in both Korea and Japan, and she is set to make a comeback this month.

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