Chae Soo Bin Receives Surprise Visit And Gift From Jo Hye Jung On Set Of “I Am Not A Robot”

Chae Soo Bin received a surprise visit on the “I Am Not a Robot” set from fellow actress and close friend Jo Hye Jung.

On January 20, Chae Soo Bin uploaded photos of her posing with Jo Hye Jung on Instagram. She wrote, “Hye Jung’s surprise coffee truck. Thank you. I think I can finish strong until the end, thanks to you. Jo Angel who came a long way, I love you.”

The photos show the two actresses smiling as they pose together in front of the coffee truck sent by Jo Hye Jung.

Jo Hye Jung also posted a photo of the two together to her own Instagram. She wrote, “These days, I really want to make the people I love happy,” adding the hashtag for “I Am Not a Robot.”

Chae Soo Bin and Jo Hye Jung are known to be close friends, and the two actresses have shared stories about their friendship on several variety programs in the past.

Chae Soo Bin is currently starring in MBC’s “I Am Not A Robot” alongside Yoo Seung Ho. Check out the chemistry between the two in the latest episode below!

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