Watch: BLACKPINK Members Have Fun Together In Thailand

BLACKPINK traveled to Thailand on the January 20 broadcast of “BLACKPINK House.”

On the third episode of their reality show, the BLACKPINK members were watching TV when someone dressed in a teddy bear costume visited their house. The teddy bear handed them an envelope with Yang Hyun Suk’s letter telling them to enjoy their vacation in Thailand.

The BLACKPINK members excitedly packed their bags to go to the airport. When they arrived in Thailand, the four members were greeted by fans who came to welcome them at the airport.

In the bus on the way to their dorm, Rosé said, “It’s so nice. So this is what it feels like to go on a trip. I’m happy.” The next day, the BLACKPINK members went to eat at a well-known restaurant. Before eating, Jenny asked Lisa how to say “I’m hungry” in Thai. Lisa answered, “hĭu” and Jenny repeated what she heard in a cute voice.

The members split up into pairs to shop at a flea market. The two pairs—Jenny and Rosé, and Lisa and Jisoo—made a bet that whoever gets recognized first will have to buy presents for the other members. At the flea market, Jisoo made Lisa and the vendors laugh when she asked the vendors “How much is it?,” then said, “I don’t have money” in Thai.

Watch the latest episode of “BLACKPINK House” below!

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