Jang Nara Says She Sometimes Feels Her Youthful Looks Overshadow Her Acting Skills

Jang Nara recently opened up about what she’s been up to, her experience working on “Go Back Couple,” and whether she plans to return to her singing career during a recent photoshoot and interview with @star1 magazine.

The actress was asked what she’s been up to recently and she revealed that she’s been learning Taekwondo. Jang Nara explained, “In the past, I was once suddenly scheduled to film an action scene that I went into with no preparation. It was a very difficult moment for me. So I’m learning things here and there so that when the opportunity comes, I’ll be ready for anything.”

Jang Nara is well-known for her youthful looks, but she confessed that she feels as though they overshadow her acting at times. She explained, “Sometimes, I work really hard on a production and I want to talk about that, but the articles that get published keep focusing on how young I look. Seeing that does leave me feeling disappointed.”

She then reminisced about her most recent drama “Go Back Couple,” which was loved by many viewers and earned her much praise for her acting skills. She said, “I met a lot of great people, and I learned what it means to all come together to create a good story. The drama has taught me to admit when I have regrets about my past rather than to just stick to what I think is right in the moment.”

With her acting career on an upwards climb, it is only natural to be curious whether Jang Nara plans to continue her singing career as well. She stated, “I think it will be difficult for me to release an album for now. But I have begun taking lessons to work on my vocalization. It’s been quite fun to go back to the basics. To be honest, I don’t have any plans to sing again for now, but I think that if I keep having this much fun with my lessons, I might think one day that it would be nice to stand on stage again and sing.”

Jang Nara’s full interview and photo spread will be available in the upcoming February issue of @star1.

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